Baby Shower Menu

Baby shower Lunch Menu


Chaat Corner

Bhel   papdi  chaat

Aloo  tikki  w/ chole

Dhai Wada

A lazy Susan w/ condiments Onions, chilies, tomatoes, potatoes, yogurt. Tamarind & cilantro chutney


Malai chicken served on a  tava      ( live Station ) w/ grilled onions peppers & chutney

Goat Biryani

Chicken Korma (Pakistani  style   )

Butter  Paneer   { Makhani }

Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Freshly made  Naan (live)

Extra briyani to be made for those who are vegetarian will be kept in the hot box
Raita,   pickles  onions chilies lemons.
kachumber Salad ,  or /   salad bar

Masala chai

2  drink   Non alcoholic  station passion mango daiquiri Pina colada /  or/   nohito  daiquiri

Unlimited service   Attendant required


Added Gulab jamuns (round chafer)

Chocolate fountain w/ fresh fruit  bowls
pineapple, cantaloupe, papaya, strawberries,  apples, etcs

ice cream sundae French vanilla & chocolate Toppings
Butter scotch, white chocolate, kiwi, Mango, strawberry
Whipped cream A compliments

Marshmallow, pretzels, Oreos, gummy bears, White chocolate chips, sprinkles, pound cake, Marcshisinocherries,  etc.etc,
All displayed in Varity martini glasses, bowls etc, w/ decorations


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