South Indian Menu For Reception & Dinner #1

Menu for Mehendhi evening

  1. Puff pastry with Brie
  2. Vietnamese spring rolls (vegetarian)
  3. Planter’s mixed nuts (lightly salted)

Dinner (at 7:30 p.m.):

  1. Vegetarian anti-pasto: Red peppers, artichokes, gherkins, olives, sundried tomato in oil, feta cheese, mushroom (no asparagus or eggplant)
  2. Caprese salad: Baby lettuce, Mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil
  3. Gnocchi pasta with 2 sauces – arabiatta (spicy) and California (mild)
  4. Rissotto with winter vegetables
  5. Batura
  6. Bombay Aloo
  7. Bread sticks
  8. Miniature Italian desserts (canola, Tiramisu, fruit tartlets, chocolate mousse, caramel custard)
  9. Tea and Coffee

There will be at least 2 live stations.

  1. You will provide high end plastic plates, spoons and forks + napkins. (will pay you at cost)
  2. Beer (Amstel Light and Heineken) and Wine (under $10). (will pay you at cost)
  3. Cokes 2 c/s    diet 2c/s   1   sprite     3 c/s water
  4. You will provide the Bar free of cost.
  5. White tablecloth for 3 tables – 48” and 4 tables – 54”; height – 30”.   Round tables
  6. We have2 –  5’ and 2 – 6’ rectangular tables for serving food. Bring tablecloths for these.
  7. You said that you will provide mini lanterns & tea candles free of cost.
  8. Event will end around 9:15 p.m.
  9.  2 servers & 1 bartender

SATURDAY (12/08/12)
Chef to setup before 6.15 pm   food to be started following the ceremony
Dinner Menu on the night of engagement ceremony at 7:30 p.m. 9 pm

  1. Pav Bhaji* – station
  2. Dosa w/ sambar, chutney* – station
  3. Gobi  Manchurian* – station
  4. Vegetable Pulao
  5. Yogurt Rice
  6. Pickle & Raita
  7.  Papdi Chat
  8. Sweet Corn soup
  9. Tulip Falooda (Bring enough)* – station
  10. Warm Carrot Halwa
  11. Ice Cream

Quoted at $19 per person # of people = 150 (to be updated later)


  1. Coffee, hot tea, iced tea and water to be provided by Grand Hyatt starting at 6 p.m. thru dinner.
  2. Palloo Flowers to provide 4 cabanas for this dinner
  3. Grand Hyatt will have signage for all items; the signage will be LARGE for the 4 cabanas (the stations).

This event is at the Grand Hyatt in the tent adjacent to the hotel.

SUNDAY (12/09/12)
Wedding Lunch + Snacks
Snack to be served at 9:30 a.m. (Butler Passed)

  1. Chutney Sandwich w/ cucumber, tomato and potato
  2. Bottled water and Rose Lassi
  3. Indian chai  @ 8 am

Sweet served around 10:15 a.m. (served by family member after Thali is tied) – Kaju Katli  check w/ rangooli amount   4 plates  w/ cocktail napkins white edible flowers to be bought
** Desy to order 300  pieces and provide on a nice platter with napkins; serve on cupcake holder (Desy)
Lunch Menu around 11:15 a.m.

  1. Sweet Boondhi
  2. Bisi Bela (sambar rice with mixed vegetables)
  3.  Rice
  4. Puliyodarai
  5. Ennai Kathrikkai (whole eggplant curry)


 Raw Green Banana curry

  1. Cauliflower with peas curry
  2. Carrot Kosumalli
  3. Cucumber pachadi
  4. Tomato Rasam   preset in the   glasses juice
  5. Yogurt Rice
  6. Sweet pachadi
  7. Paratha with Bombay potato curry
  8. Pickle, appalam
  9. Vadai
  10. Little mixture

On the side station for dessert

  1. Jangiri


  1. Need to serve lunch in stainless steel Thali plates with katoris. (Desy to provide).
  2. Grand Hyatt will serve water, coffee and tea in the foyer starting at 8 a.m.
  3. Grand Hyatt to provide side plates and a Half moon setup.
  4. Grand Hyatt will have signage for all items.

Quoted at  $34/per person # of people = 160 (to be updated later)
This is served in the Grand Hyatt Ballroom.
Dinner Menu on December 9th (Reception dinner) in the Grand Hyatt Ballroom
Appetizer (around 6 pm) – 3 live stations

  1. Fruit and Cheese display – strawberries and fruit; arranged in the foyer with round center piece
  2. Chile Corn (Manchurian sauce)   station*
  3. Pani Puri – Delhi style; green & red chutney, black Chana; water w/ mint, cilantro; *(2 stations)
  4. Sev Puri – butler passed  gol gappas
  5. Kati Roll (Paratha rolled with spring vegetables – Napa cabbage, bell pepper, carrots – lightly fried and Paneer) with green chutney (Red chutney sauce on the side) station *

Dinner (around 8:45 pm) – 3 live stations

  1. Konkani Mixed Vegetable Curry* – station
  2. Pineapple rasam (cups from Mariana – Chef Desy to find out)  preset in glasses
  3. Bindi Masala (with less oil as you had made it)
  4. Jeera Rice
  5. Appalam  (pappad – South Indian)
  6. Paneer Tikka Masala
  7. Medhu Vada (can you add some veggie to it?)  carrot peas cilantro
  8. Tava Veggies (potato, cauliflower, okra, cherry tomato, peppers) with spiced seasoning like Chat Masala and dry red chille pepper masala and lemon slices
  9. Poori – cooked outside; served with onions, chili and pickle* – station
  10. Chapathis (wrapped in foil)
  11. Bahala Bath (yogurt rice) with buttermilk and yogurt + pomegranate
  12. Lasagna – PVC pipe – Make this mild with the 2 sauces* – station

Dessert – 2 live stations and gazebo

  1. Jilebi station*- station
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Dessert gazebo with Indian desserts (sandesh, gulab jamun sandwich, chum chum – pink and white, aanjeer roll, walnut barfi, kheer, loki halwa) – Desy to discuss gazebo with Palloo
  4. PAN station  (Desy to coordinate with Palloo) * station
  5. Masala Chai

   Quoted at  $26.00/per person # of people = 165 (to be updated later)

  1. Grand Hyatt to provide water, coffee, tea, iced tea at the tables and foyer
  2. Grand Hyatt to provide signage for all the food items + LARGE signage for the stations
  3. Grand Hyatt will provide all of the cake cutting services

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