South Indian Wedding Menu 2

Wedding menu for George @hyatt down town  on  aug 21st
Fresh fruit display
Tropical fruit sliced & diced w/ Whole fruit garnish layered on a round table
Mixed Pakoras w/ chutney   
Gobi manchurian station Attendant required
Crab cakes Freshly made served on a griddle w/ & spicy Louis sauce
Beef  Shish kebab Served on a charcoal grill ( attendant )
Chicken tikka served on tava w/ an array of onion & peppers  (attendant )
Konkan style grill fish
Or fish curry
Chicken tikka  / or / Makhani  butter chix.
Beef chili fry
Veggie korma Or
Baigara baigan ( eggplant)
Steamed Rice / or lemon rice
Pickle, Papad  onion chilies
Hot red chili sauce
A variety display of chef display of chef creation Venetian dessert incl of Indian & American Such as carrot halwa, kheer, moong dhal halwa
Bengali sweets (client to provide )
fruit tartlets,  Baklava  
Mousses in chocolate shell
Mini cheese cakes
Tiramisu mini etc.etc.
Masala chai,  hotel to provide coffee,
Price Full menu    24.95 w/  shrimp not crab cakes  add $3.00 per son

If you have to do family style
I would recommend it be done properly @ a hotel environment w/ family style bowls Where the service can be accountable $29.95 Attendant  $100 flat for 3 hrs Family style bowls are available b y the chef Cost factor to be analyzed 

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