Sangeet House Party Menu

1- Chaat Corner with Paani Puri, Bhel, Papdi Chat Samosa
24 ft. station (station) – Live station: Aloo Tikki and Ragda (station)

2- Live station: Pao Bhaji (station)  

3- Station: Vegetable Biryani (station) 

4- Live station: Tandoori with a) paneer, b) chicken and c) shrimp (station) on a sigdi 

5- Chicken Curry Kadai (station) Malai Kofta, vegetable Kadai

6- Live station: Naan (station)

7- Station:  Falooda   

8- Live Station: Jalebis, mango lassi (station 6)

9- Station: Chai, Paan 

10- Cucumber, onion, lemons, raita, pickles, chutney

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